Rules & Selection Criteria : Dr(Prof.) TK Chandrasekharan Memorial Gold Medal Examination

Gold Medal Exam

In order to commemorate  late Professor T K Chandrasekharan,  who was an eminent physician, well known teacher, academician and former Head of the department of Medicine at Academy of Medical Sciences, Pariyaram, it has been decided  to award Gold Medal  and Cash prize every year to meritorious final year MBBS student. The Gold medal winner will be selected by separate examinations both written and clinical, to be conducted  by the department every year.    

The objectives:

  • Commemorate Prof TK Chandrashekharan and to appreciate the contribution made by him to the department
  • Promote  aptitude for medicine  among undergraduate students
  • Motivate the faculty and students to update  in the field
  • To make them prepare for competitive examinations in medicine
  • Recognize the meritorious student and appreciate them

The rules and regulations of examination:

  • The Gold medal examinations will be known as the “PROFESSOR TK CHANDRASEKHARAN  MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL EXAMINATION” in internal medicine.

  • This will be considered the most prestigious award for the meritorious MBBS student from the department of Medicine.The award  will comprise a Gold Medal, Cash prize of Rs. 10000/- and a certificate of merit. The other candidates in the final examinations will also be awarded with certificates of merit.

  • The  examinations will be conducted every year and a  notice in this regard will be published every year in the  department notice board, website and in the hospital front notice board by the head of the department of Medicine.

  • All the final year MBBS batch students of the respective year will be eligible to appear for the examination, provided they fulfill all the institutional, university and IMC rules regarding the course and if they successfully complete the course period and are eligible to appear for the final MBBS examination.

  • There will be a screening examination for all the final MBBS students who is declared eligible to appear for the examination by the department of Medicine. The screening test will be of objective type  with single best response for each, totaling to 150 multiple choice questions. The duration of the examination will be two hours and each correct response will carry  4 marks and one mark  will be deducted  for each wrong response.More than one response for single question will be marked incorrect.

  • The top five candidates who secure maximum marks in the screening examination will be called for a clinical examination comprising long and short cases with OSCE/VIVA . A separate panel of examiners comprising four members will be appointed by the Head of the department of Medicine which may include internal or external examiners or both. One among this examiner will be appointed as Chairman of the Examination Board.  Each examiners will independently award mark and write a separate remark on the candidate and will hand over the marks and remark in a sealed cover to the Chairman.The result will be declared in the Department meeting and this will be intimated to the candidate and will be published in the Department web site  within 15 days of the final clinical examinations.>

  • The award will be declared by the Chairman of the examination board and this will be awarded in the convocations ceremony of the batch or in a separate ceremony conducted for the purpose by the department or during any programme of the academy of medical sciences with prior permission. The family members of Prof. T K Chandrasekharan will be invitee for the programme.

  • In case of candidates scoring equal marks in the screening  examinations following criteria will be considered in  following order to select the winner  

    • Preliminary examination : Those who have the highest total  marks in the sessional examination in medicine  Those who have the maximum attendance percentage  Who score more marks in medicine theory examination in the final year sessional  Who has more marks sessional- clinical.  In case of a tie still persisting, then the winner shall be selected by a lot.
    • Final examination : Who has maximum marks in the objective type examination If in case of the persisting tie, a separate viva/spotter will be conducted to ascertain the winner.

  • Appeal: The key of the examination will be published in the next day after the objective examination in the department notice board and the department web site. Any discrepancies if noted in the objective type examinations, the candidate should approach the chairman within three days of the objective type examination in writing with sufficient proof. The chairman will scrutinize the complaint in details, if necessary will form a committee to rectify the anomalies or mistakes and will take appropriate action and his decision in this regard will be final. No appeal will be entertained against the results of the clinical examination and the decision of the Board of examiners will be treated as final.

  • The latest modifications or amendments in this regard, if any, will be followed in the examinations and the conduct of the examination and arrangement will be done each year by medicine units in rotation.

Amendments :

Modification in the selection criteria (Issued an effective from September 2014) 

  • The Top 25 students who got maximum marks in the internal  examinations  in medicine theory  and first 10 students who got maximum marks internal practicals examinations are requested to appear for the examinations. Other candidates who are willing to appear should give their request to  Prof TKC gold medal examination chairman of respective academic year.
  • There will be a primary examination of  objective type  comprising 100 questions.
  • No negative markings
  • The first five candidates will be invited for a clinical and Viva voce
  • The final selection will be done by a panel  of internal and external examiners,
  • The first winner will be awarded a gold medal and cash prize of 10000/-(ten thousand) during their batch convocation or in a separate department ceremony.

Further details will be published in the department notice board.

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