Head Of The Department

Dr. Sudha Balakrishnan

Dr. Sudha Balakrishnan, 

Professor & HOD

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Respected Chairman sri. MV Jayarajan, Vice chairman Sri. Sekharan Miniyodan , Director of ACME, Respected Principal ACME prof B Radhakrishnan, Director Board Members of KCHC, Managing director sri K Revi, HODS of other departments, dear colleagues, junior doctors, students, and friends, and other diginataries, media representatives,

 It is a great privilege and pleasure for me to address you on behalf of the department of medicine on this auspicious occasion of the inaugural ceremony of the new websie of our departmentwww.Medicinepariyaram.com and also this renovated medicine seminar room.

 The department of Medicine is functioning in this institution since 1994 and is now completing almost 18 years. During this period it has grown beyond leaps and bounds and I am fortunate to be part of this journey. I am the first person who joined in this department during its inception and is continuing here all this years. When I joined this institution several of my colleagues shared their apprehension that this medical college will not come up,but proving all predicitions were wrong, and convincing my belief it is one among the best departments in Kerala. I am happy and proud to be a part of this.

 Several Academic luminaries and teachers of eminence like prof TKC , prof Kujamma George , and Prof Sarala Devi were my predecessors, and I took charge as the HOD in 2011. The support extended by my senior colleagues and unitchiefs and all other faculty members of this institution made my job easier and is the strength behind the progress of the department.

 The management under the chairmanship of sri. MV Jayarajan extended all the support to my department and this sudden face lift of the department is made possible by the support given by the chairman. Vice chairman, managing director and director board members. Most important is the appointment of five young energetic assistant professors which also made our academic activities more vibrant and patient care more better.

 Now as you can see from the new website www.medicinepariyaram.com , which will be soon inaugurated by our chairman, we have , Friday club which attract several faculty from many department and even from near by Hospitals chaired by Dr Sudeep, unit chief m2, clinical club on all Thursdays monitored by Dr Ranjith Kumar KC. Unit chief M3, and MedIcine Academic Club which conducts mini CME and topic presentation, organized by Dr Balakrishnan Valliot unit chief M4. In addition regular bedside teaching for UG, PGs, Journal club, seminar , CPC, mortality meeting organized regularly in the department.

 I am happy to inform that number of both out patients and inpatients increased and the service to this patients also stepped up. Our PGs and Faculty are taking round the clock duty in casuality, toxicology unit, medicine intensive care, general and special wards in turn. The executive OP under the medicine department is attracting average 15 to 20 patients perday and even attracts patients from middle east countries.

 To commemorate the memory of Late prof Tk chandrasekharan, a Prof TKC Memorial gold Medal in Internal Medicine was introduced this year onwards. The examination is of high standard, and considered as a prestigious award to the meritorious student . The selection of the winner will be done through examinations which will comprise written MCQ screenings test, clinical examinations, viva voce . The winner will be awarded gold medal, cash prize, certificate. We are planning more endowment, and awards to our UG students and PG students.

 The Department of Medicine is a research centre under Kannur university.We already had one General Medicine PhD and three paramedical PhD from this centre. To accommodate more PhD students in Medicine and allied subject, we would like to start a Research and Development wing under the department of Medicine with the support of the management. Discussions to start speciality clinics like diabetes, Hypertension, Rheumatology, geriatrics and hematology are at an advanced stage, and once some space constraints are solved we will be able to start all these soon.

 An extension of the existing telemedicine unit,and online library attached to the research wing, are on cards for which also we need more support. We also want to develop the executive OP further.

 A seminar hall that can accommodate all the members of the department is a long time demand of the department. Now we are happy that we have a renovated seminar hall and today when we open this it is a mile stone in the development and I am sure this will be a thrust for academic events in the department. The students and Faculty should come forward with more academic events.

 My strength are my unit chiefs and other faculty members. With them and with the support of management, I am sure that my team can scale newer heights in the years to come.

 The website which is being lauched today is the brain child of Dr Balakrishnan, under his able guidance, our student Dr Dinu M Krishnan designed, developed and made it a reality, with peripheral assistance from the student volunteers. Now the department of Medicine and its activities are open world wide.our Alumini all the batches of students and faculty can now see interact and develop it further to take the glory of your department. I seek the support of each every one in the forward march. Your suggestions and criticism will make us more realistic and responsible.